Friday, September 3, 2010

artist report

Walker evans.


2It shows how hard the working conditions of the era were.

3. the black and white

4. it makes you feel bad for the people working in that time.

Dorothea Lange

1. Black and white.

2. To show the hardships of the dust bowl.

3. The womans expression.

4. Sadness

Gordon Parks

1. documentary

2. to show the hardships of poverty

3. black white

4. sadness

Edward Curtis

1. Sepia

2. To show an American Indian family

3. Their expressions

4. Happy

Jim Brandenburg


2. to show the beauty of nature

3. the frosted grass

4. relaxation

Annie Leibovitz

1. art

2. to intrigue

3. the knife thrower

4. fear

An American Exodus

1. black and white

2. to show poverty

3. the shanty town

4. sorrow

Lee Friedlander

1. black and white

2. to induce fear

3. the skeleton

4. it’s a little frightening

Man Ray

1. art

2. to disgust the viewer

3. the nails in the iron

4. it grosses you out

Ansel Adams

1. Nature

2. To fill you with awe at nature

3. The mist around the mountains

4. Relaxation

Self Portrait Lois Greenfield

1. art

2. to gross you out

3. ballet

4. its scary

Anne Geddes

1. art

2. to show a cute baby

3. the baby in the egg

4. happiness

Edward Weston Photos of the Pepper

1. black and white

2. to show a vegetable

3. the folds of the pepper

4. none

Minor White

1. black and white

2. to show a rural home

3. the shadows

4. an at home feeling

Sebastiao Salgado

1. black and white

2. to show someone in mourning

3. the woman

4. sadness and worry

Richard Avedon and white

2. to show a beautiful woman

3. the woman

4. lust

Diane Arbus

1. black and white

2. to show that little people are real people too

3. the little person

4. happiness

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